First Presbyterian Church of Holland Patent N.Y.

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Christian Education
Catherine Vannicola, Chair
Carol Beasley
Sarah DePalma
Carol Heburn
Janet Stengel
Heidi Taubert
Susan Solomon, ex-officio
Janet Lanning, Chair
Debbie Dittl
Pam Finn
Gail Putnam
Karen VanGorder
Susan Solomon, ex-0fficio
Cindy Rye, Chair

Susan Solomon, ex-officio
Todd Finn, Chair
Vicky Stockton-Allen
Dick Gates
Ken Hoover
Kathy Lemieux, Church Treasurer

Susan Solomon, ex-officio
Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance-

Proverbs 1:5

Mission Committee
Janet Stengel, Chair
Betsy Allen
Brenda Castle
Peggy Curtacci
Kathy Harvey
Kathy Lemieux
Nina Lemieux
Susie Niedzielski
Muriel Werbovetz
Susan P. Solomon ex-officio
constituted when needed
name, Chair, Session
name, Session
name, Deacons
Gabrielle McGhee, Member-At -Large
Susan P. Solomon, ex-officio

Kathy Harvey, Chair
Patty Aubry
Peggy Curtacci
Kathy Lemieux
Susan Niedzielski
Susan Solomon, ex-officio